HLTH 7191 - Health Sector Compensation Information System (HSCIS) User Information Update

This form is to be used to update HSCIS user information and must be submitted by an Access Administrator or Signing Authority.

The maximum number of HSCIS users per organization is two.

Questions regarding the completion of the HSCIS User Information Update form can be sent to: HLTH.HSCISSupport@gov.bc.ca

Access Type

Access Type

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HNFILE is to be used by those employers who have an automated payroll system which provides a HSCIS extract. In this service, the employer runs an application to produce the extract file, then submits the entire file via the HNFILE site to HSCIS on a quarterly basis, for processing. Payroll vendors who provide a HSCIS extract include Comvida, Ross, Ormed, Blaeberry, ISM, Reportacare, and ADP. Meditech users can produce the extract using their ReportWriter.

HSCIS Data Entry is a separate web service, which is available to those employers who do not have an automated payroll system, or whose payroll provider does not have a HSCIS extract available. In this service, the employer ‘signs on’ to a secure web site, then enters their HSCIS data manually.

Access Type
Signing Authority or Access Administrator

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Select from below

Select from below
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After you submit this form, it will be sent to appropriate Ministry staff.