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Records Management Team

Welcome to the Records Management Extranet website. This site is intended to provide ministry and health authority employees with information about records management. There are also links to other government and records management resources.

We want this site to be relevant to you and your work. For additional information please review the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 45KB). If you have comments or suggestions for things you would like to see on the site, email the Records Management Team.

What's New!

There were several newly approved and amended ORCS and Ongoing Record Schedules (ORS) in 2011, including:

ARCS Online has also been revised as of May 2011. A summary of all the changes can be found here: Highlights include a major revision to sections 1 through 4 and section 6.

Records Management - It's not just filing!

Records management encompasses the policies, standards, systems, procedures, operations, equipment, supplies and staff required for the efficient and effective management of Ministry records. The Records Management Team administers the Ministry's records management program in accordance with the following:

  1. The Document Disposal Act, RSBC 1996, c. 99
    States that government records cannot be destroyed without an approved records schedule such as ARCS (Administrative Records Classification System) or ORCS (Operational Records Classification System)
  2. The CORE Policy Manual 12.3.2
    Recorded Information Management (maintained by the Office of the Comptroller General, Ministry of Finance) is a system of rules and procedures governing the creation, use, storage, and disposition of all recorded information within government. Recorded Information Management applies to all records, regardless of media or formats - including, but not limited to: compact disk (CD), electronic records, photographs, video, paper, web, etc. Information Management is applied to recorded information to ensure that the critical characteristics of authenticity, reliability, integrity and accessibility are retained.
  3. The Recorded Information Management Manual (RIM) is the central agency manual administered by Information Access Operations. This manual contains government-wide policies and procedures for recorded information management for ministries, agencies, commissions and Crown corporations subject to the Document Disposal Act.
Last Revised: 05 September 2017